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The summer is winding down and we're getting ready for the new school year. Here are a few of our favorite back-to-school products:

  • Free!!! Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt - It's the first day of school and you've lost your voice before it's time to line up for lunch! Need a quick and easy activity that will keep your new students engaged? Reach for our Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt! Our scavenger hunt has several items that you might find in a typical elementary grades classroom, but it is easily modified to fit the specific needs of your classroom. Students can work independently or in pairs to find and count the classroom objects listed on the activity sheet. At the end of the scavenger hunt (I usually give the students about 10 minutes for their hunt), the students return to their seats to answer a few questions. This activity can easily be modified for older students. The questions can be tailored to specific math objectives, or even to compare living vs. non-living things. The Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt is a Word document, so it can easily be modified.

  • Back-to-School Packet for Parents, Teachers, and Students ($5) - The first days of the school year are always an exciting and hectic time for everyone. My Back to School Packet will help you get organized and establish good home-school communication with the families of your students. The six items in my packet are tried and true, and have been used in my classroom for many years. Included in the packet are the following:
    1. Classroom A to Z: A summary of my classroom policies and procedures.
    2. Classroom Behavior Policy: A summary of my class behavior plan. A copy of this is sent home and another copy is stapled in my students' Agendas.
    3. Student Survey: A "getting to know you" survey for my students to complete.
    4. Parent Survey: A "getting to know you" survey for the parents of my students to complete.
    5. Parent E-mail Letter: An invitation to the families of my students to sign up for our class E-mail list.
    6. Classroom Volunteers Letter: A list of ways that parents can help in the classroom and at home. A form to complete is also included
    All of these documents are Word documents, which makes them very easy to modify for your own classroom use. Make a great first impression on your students' families with my Back to School packet!
  • Classroom Layout Kit ($2.50) - One thing I have learned during my 20 years of teaching is that I am never satisfied with my classroom layout. Every year I change a little bit here or there, trying to find that perfect placement for every piece of furniture in my room. Since I am no body builder, I would rather arrange things on paper first, before I start moving heavy furniture around. I put together this Classroom Layout Kit for that specific purpose. I have included all that you will need to begin planning your classroom layout. The kit is customizable to your classroom and is easy to use. It comes packed with many common furniture items, already sized to fit the scale of the classroom layout map. Get your scissors and get "moving." 

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