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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Here's a Great Start to a Creative Writing Lesson!

Check out these hilarious truth-in-advertising slogans. There are some you could show in your class to spark students' creative writing. Here are some ideas:
  • Show students one or more of these slogans and then show them another store/restaurant logo. Have them come up with a catchy saying to go along with it.
  • After looking at one of the slogans, have students work together to validate the statement. Is it true? Do the students feel that way about the brand?
  • Have students find examples of advertising in newspapers and magazines. What messages are the advertisers trying to get across? What do they use to sell their products? Of course, you'll need to be careful what type of ads your students peruse. Never assume any magazine is "safe" for children, until you have checked it out first.

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